Scientific Name:Diptera

The housefly, is found worldwide and lives in close proximity to humans. Because houseflies can carry many diseases of humans and domestic animals, it is important to keep their populations low

Fly Control

Placing sticky traps and ultraviolet light traps around a home or business also can reduce housefly populations. Hang resin strips (flypaper) in infested areas where there is little or no air movement. Install light traps where they cannot be seen by flies outdoors to avoid attracting more insects to the building. To make the traps more noticeable to the flies in a room, place them at least 15 feet away from doors and other entryways and in darker areas away from bright lights and sunlight

When necessary, insecticides can help suppress housefly populations. Many spray pyrethroid-based insecticides can suppress houseflies in and around homes as well.