Scientific Name :Rodentia
Living Spaces :Garage, Attics, Roof tops, Drainage Systems
Preferred Food:All types of human food
Movement :Nocturnal, in and around tiny openings
Diseases Agent?Yes

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Rats and mice live with or close to humans in homes, farm and ranch buildings, grain storage structures, sheds and garages. They are objectionable in many ways:
1. They eat and contaminate food.
2. They damage and destroy property by chewing wires, which may cause fires. They destroy labels on cans and damage sacks and other containers. They undermine buildings, gnaw pipes, chew water hoses, and cut through mortar and cement. They damage wood doors, floors, walls, clothing and furniture.
3. They carry diseases that are health hazards to both human and domestic animals—diseases such as Typhus Fever, Trichinosis, plague, infectious jaundice, Salmonella and rat mite dermatitis.

Rodent Control

Rodenticides: There are many different kinds of rodenticides available. Most are anticoagulants, which cause death by internal bleeding. Anticoagulant rodenticides are available in either single-dose or multiple dose baits.
Traps: Traps are just as effective as rodenticides, but they require more skill and labor. Rodent traps include snap traps, cage traps and glue boards.
Remove Shelter and Food/water supply: Remove lumber piles, accumulations of trash and other stored materials. The best way to eliminate the food supply is to store foodstuffs in rodent-proof containers such as glass or metal, and to dispose of waste and garbage in tightly covered metal cans.