Latin Name:Araneae

Despite their creepy reputation, spiders are largely beneficial and help keep pests like flies and plant-feeding insects under control. With few exceptions, spiders rarely bite and are not generally dangerous to people. However, spider infestation in your home or business can be real problem.

Spider Control

Keep spiders outside by installing or repairing weather stripping around doors and windows. Seal and caulk around lighted doors and windows, where insects and the spiders that feed on them gather.

The best way to eliminate spiders is a good hand vacuum. Vacuums can remove the spiders, their webs, and their egg cases. Webs and spiders can also be removed with a broom, cotton dust mop or extendable web dusters.

Spiders are usually difficult to kill with insecticides. Because spiders often live on webs above treated surfaces, it is difficult to treat them as you would crawling insects. Spiders also appear to tolerate conventional pesticides better than do common indoor insects. Therefore, sanitation and physical removal are the best way to manage most spiders.