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What is WDIR? Texas Wood Destroying Insect Report

Wood destroying insect report or WDIR is an essential part of home inspection when you are selling or buying a house. 

WDIR determines the presence of termites, carpenter ants, or other wood destroying insects in your home. These insects are often go unnoticed and cause structural damage in wood structures. If you haven’t already, check out our post on Termites and how they can cause havoc if gone untreated.  

For houses built near the coastal areas are particularly prone to termite damage. These homes are required to get termite pre-treatment when they get built. Yearly inspection on these home is highly recommended to catch any infestation before its too late. 

What if your away from coastal region? Are you still at risk of wood destroying insect? Then answer is yes. If the house is built using structural wood, it is still likely to get affected by these wood destroying insects. 

Difference between WDI Report and Termite Inspection

WDI Reports have mandatory inspection criteria set by the State of Texas. WDI report is a legal document. Banks often require WDI Reports before closing the deal. Either the seller, the buyer or the real estate agent can purchase a WDI Report from a licensed pest control professional. Often the buyer and the seller will hire separate pest control companies for WDI Report to make certain no wood destroying insects are present. 

Termite Inspection, on the other hand, is not a requirement but a recommendation for home owners. Both these inspections tell you whether you have an active infestation or conducive conditions for future infestations. A termite inspection report is not acceptable for a real estate transaction. Most companies offer a free termite inspection on a yearly basis. Conquest Pest Control customers get yearly reminders for a termite inspection. This ensures year round protection from wood destroying insects. 

In summary, if are buying or selling a property with structural wood construction, it is highly recommended to get a Wood Destroying Insect Report (WDIR). Otherwise, a yearly termite inspection for your home is suffice to catch any wood destroying insects before they cause thousands of dollars in damages. If you still have questions, our WDI specialist can guide you through the process. 

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