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    Customer Reviews

    “My concern was keeping my pet and kids safe by reducing chemicals used during pest control. Conquest technician understood my concerns and got results with minimum chemical application.”

    Shireen, Sugarland TX

    “I live right next to water detention and I had roach infestation in my backyard. After two services, conquest company reduced roaches to minimum. Satisfied with results.”

    Jeff, Houston TX

    “I found small roaches in my kitchen and after trying many home remedies I finally contacted conquest technician for service. Its been over a month and I have not seen a live roach since.”

    Linda, Houston TX

    Common Cockroach Species:

    Found in Houston and Surrounding Areas

    American Cockroaches

    American cockroaches are a dark-reddish brown in color; the edges of their thorax are faded yellow in color. These roaches are found near garbage and sewers outside of the house.

    German Cockroaches

    These small roaches (adults grow to between ½ and 5/8th of an inch in length) are light brown or tan in color, and found indoors near kitchen areas where food is ready available.

    Oriental Cockroaches

    Growing to about an inch in length, Oriental cockroaches have smooth bodies that have a “greasy” texture. These roaches live near damp places and hide near decaying organic matter.



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    Cockroach Control

    Good cleanup and sanitation practices are essential to effective cockroach control. These practices put stress on cockroach populations and increases the effectiveness of baits and other insecticides.

    Roach Baits

    Strategically place roach bait where roaches are most likely to visit. Baits help eliminate entire population of roaches over time.


    Instant cockroach kill can be achieved using proper combination of roach pesticides. Aerosol treatment is useful around roach infested areas, especially kitchen.


    Cockroaches live inside wall outlets and behind electronic components. Dust pesticide application penetrates deep into this spaces and instant cockroach control can achieved.

    Glue Traps

    Once cockroaches tend to come out of their hiding spots once they are affected by baits, aerosol and dust. Glue traps catches all these roaches before they move to another part of the building.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How often do I need my house treated for roaches?

    Your house service could be scheduled for monthly, every 2 months or every 3 months (recommended).

    What to Expect on Initial Service?

    The 1st service focuses on the handling your main pest problem with an inside & an outside barrier treatment. Your technician will conduct an Intensive inside flush-out for pest hiding inside your house.

    What if I need to reschedule my appointment?

    You can reschedule your appointment any time prior to service by calling Conquest Pest Control at 832.464.4841.

    I have other questions, where can I find answers?

    You can contact us at info@ConquestPestServices.com. We will have all your questions answered within 24 hours.

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