Identifying Bed Bug Activities

Sneaky, and harder to find;
These risk-mongers need some strict grind!

Black spots on the linen

Black spots on the linen

Bite marks on the body

Bite marks on the body

Itchy & irritable skin

Itchy & irritable skin

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Our Solutions


A thorough inspection helps identify the severity of the infestation and the type of treatment required for bedbugs.


Exposing to temperatures above 123F for at least 10 minutes kills adult bedbugs and their eggs


It is required for cracks and crevices where bedbugs hide. It also kills migrating bedbugs.

We have decades of experience in bed bug treatment.

Don’t let bed bugs bite you anymore.

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    We professionally kick the pests out

    Our Workflow



    Preliminary Visit

    One of our experienced and licensed bed bug pest control technicians visits the location.




    A thorough site/house inspection is done by installing monitoring devices to track their activities.



    First service

    The treatment is started immediately and a comprehensive plan for the same is implemented.




    We place mattress covers to seal the heat until the specialists ask to return to the room.

    Our Workflow



    Jennifer Locklear

    I work at star stop 270 and macio comes by every month to service our store and he does an excellent job.he has a very pleasant attitude.

    Khushboo Parikh

    I’m so glad I found Conquest. They have taken care of the issues we were having when we first moved into our home and came back anytime without hesitation. Very thorough, knowledgeable and communicative. Ashley is the best! Will definitely continue to use Conquest!

    Elba Lopez

    Macio and conquest have been servicing fast lane for years great service and great price

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You will notice pepper flakes on your mattress if they are young and visible bugs on the mattress corner. Bed bugs are nocturnal insects that like to feed at night, you will also notice bite marks on arms and chest predominately.

    Yes, for mild infestation. For larger infestations, we like to heat treat the area to ensure all adults and eggs are treated.

    You don’t need a new mattress with a heat or chemical treatment to get rid of all bugs and eggs. We will also provide a mattress cover after the treatment.

    Yes, plastic items and plastic blinds can melt. Before treatment is done a specialist will inform you what needs to be removed from the area.

    Bed bugs are considered hitchhikers. You can get them from hotels, other homes, schools, or even businesses.

    Treatment can be done in one day.

    While heat treatment is being done the Air Conditioning unit will need to be turned off, and the temperature will quickly rise. We recommend that you wait outside or come back 4 hours after the treatment is completed. For chemical treatment, you can be home. However, we ask that no one goes in the room for a minimum of two hours after the treatment has been completed.

    We do warranty our treatments.

    Time to Plan Pest Destruction

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