Identifying Rodent Activities

Harder to get rid of, and can feast on human food;
Spot them before they multiply and spoil your mood!

Chewed-up wires

Chewed-up wires

Infested droppings

Infested droppings

Disturbing noises

Disturbing noises

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Our Solutions


Rodent Techs strategically set up bait stations outside to deter small rodents from seeking food inside your home or business.


We use tried and true trapping methods to catch and eliminate rodents inside your home, attic, or business.


This is the most important step. Identify the point of entry and find solutions to make your house rodent-proof.

Take advantage of our professional rodent specialists

We can help you with all your rodent problems.

Let’s get in touch

    We professionally kick the pests out

    Our Workflow



    Preliminary Visit

    One of our experienced rodent pest control technicians conducts a verbal inspection of your home.




    A thorough & detailed house inspection is done to examine undiscovered openings for them to enter.



    First service

    The treatment includes rodenticides, bait stations, and rodent traps so as to ensure successful operations.




    We seal their habitats and ask the customers to monitor them for 3 days, in case it requires further treatment.

    Our Workflow



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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best way to determine what rodents you have is by identifying if the activity is at night or during the day.

    Glue boards are a great monitoring tool for rodents but glue boards alone can not get rid of rodents.

    Yes, our specialist will complete an inspection and point out areas that need to be sealed.

    If we are completing an exclusion, we may have sealed the home while the rodent was out of the nest. This is great, a sealed home will prevent it from returning.

    Yes, when a home exclusion is completed we will be sealing small holes up to the size of a penny.

    Just using traps can catch rodents but it will not prevent future rodents from entering. Rodents are creatures of habit. If they pick up the scent of another rodent they will be more inclined to investigate the opening as well.

    Yes, rodent treatments can get costly depending on the type of work done. We will always work with you on treatments and provide various payment options.

    Time to Plan Pest Destruction

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