Raccoon Prevention Tips in Houston: Keep Your Home Protected

November, 22, 2023

Raccoon Prevention Tips in Houston: Keep Your Home Protected

Raccoons are known for their adaptability and dexterity, which enables them to survive and thrive in urban areas like Houston. However, these furry bandits can cause severe damage to your home and property and potentially pose health risks to your family. When it comes to keeping raccoons at bay, homeowners must take proactive measures to reduce the likelihood of these creatures invading their properties.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with ten must-know tips for raccoon prevention in Houston neighborhoods, focusing on how you can maintain a raccoon-resistant environment around your home. We will also emphasize the expertise of Conquest Pest Services, an experienced pest control company, to help you mitigate raccoon issues and protect your home from these nocturnal nuisances. Stay informed and prepared to defend your Houston home from raccoon invasions.

1. Secure Trash Cans and Compost Bins

Raccoons are drawn to easy sources of food, and unsecured trash cans or compost bins provide an irresistible feast. To prevent raccoon invasions, invest in garbage cans with a locking mechanism or use bungee cords to secure the lids tightly. Additionally, clean your trash cans regularly to reduce odors that attract raccoons.

2. Remove Outdoor Food Sources

Pet food, birdseed, and fallen fruit from trees can provide an inviting feast for raccoons. Avoid leaving pet food outdoors overnight, clean up fallen birdseed regularly, and harvest ripe fruits from your trees promptly to minimize these attractants.

3. Trim Trees and Overhanging Branches

Raccoons are skilled climbers and may use overhanging branches to access your roof or balcony. Trim any overgrown tree limbs near your home and keep a distance of at least 10 feet between branches and your home’s structure.

4. Install Raccoon-Proof Fencing

Raccoons are excellent climbers, but adding a few modifications to your fencing can make it more difficult for them to scale. Consider installing electric fencing or adding a mesh top at a 45-degree angle outward from your fence line to prevent raccoons from climbing over.

5. Seal Off Home Entrances

Inspect your home for any potential access points raccoons could use to enter, such as gaps under doors, broken soffits, or uncapped chimneys. Install door sweeps, repair damaged screens, and seal all gaps and openings to keep raccoons out.

6. Light Up Your Yard

Raccoons prefer to lurk in the shadows, so illuminating your yard with motion-sensor lights can act as a deterrent. Strategically install exterior lighting in areas where raccoons are likely to be active, like near trash cans and along fence lines.

7. Use Repellents and Deterrents

Spraying natural repellents, such as a mixture of water and ammonia or water and hot sauce, around the perimeter of your property can help deter raccoons. Ultrasonic repellers and devices that emit raccoon distress calls can also make your property less appealing to these creatures.

8. Keep Pets Indoors at Night

Pet doors can provide easy access points for raccoons. When raccoons are a concern, consider closing your pet doors at night or securing them with covers or locking mechanisms to prevent raccoons from sneaking in.

9. Regularly Clean Your Grills and Outdoor Dining Areas

Raccoons are attracted to the smell of cooked food, so it’s essential to clean your outdoor grill and dining areas thoroughly after use. Ensure that no leftover food scraps are left behind, and remove grease from surfaces to minimize the allure for raccoons.

10. Enlist the Help of Professional Pest Control Services

When it comes to dealing with raccoon problems, a professional pest control service, such as Conquest Pest Services, can offer invaluable assistance. Pest control experts have the experience and training necessary to humanely handle raccoon intrusions and develop a prevention plan tailored to your property’s needs.

The Importance of Acting Promptly When Encountering Raccoons

While raccoons may be a common sight in urban settings, it’s crucial not to underestimate their potential to cause harm to your home and property. A raccoon invasion can lead to several issues, such as:

  1. Property damage: Raccoons can dig up lawns in search of grubs and insects, damage insulation, chew on electrical wiring, and cause damage to your home’s exterior.
  2. Health risks: Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies, which poses a risk to both humans and pets. Additionally, raccoon feces may contain roundworm eggs, which can be inhaled or ingested, causing serious health issues.
  3. Aggressive behavior: While raccoons typically avoid confrontations, if cornered or threatened, they may become aggressive, posing a risk to you, your family, and pets.

To protect your Houston home from raccoon problems, it’s essential to be proactive in implementing preventative measures and enlisting the help of experienced pest control professionals like Conquest Pest Services when needed.

Keep Raccoons at Bay with Conquest Pest Services

Implementing these ten must-know tips for raccoon prevention is a great way to protect your Houston home from raccoon intrusions and minimize the associated risks. By being proactive, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of raccoons causing damage to your property or posing a threat to your family. However, enlisting the help of professional pest control services like Conquest Pest Services is crucial for effective raccoon prevention and management.

With years of experience, Conquest Pest Services specializes in tackling raccoon issues and developing customized pest control solutions for Houston homeowners. Our team of skilled technicians will help secure your property and, if necessary, provide humane removal of raccoons. Don’t let raccoons run rampant in your neighborhood. Contact Conquest Pest Services today to schedule an appointment and take the first step toward a raccoon-free home.

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