Total Rodent Control for Your Home: Interesting Things to Know

July, 17, 2023

Total Rodent Control for Your Home: Interesting Things to Know

 Are Rodents now in your sight?

Get the right rodent elimination plan to get rid of these sneaky, unassuming household vermin!

Rodents are uninvited household guests that love to live with human beings. In addition to being unpleasant to look at, rodents can carry diseases and create various health problems. Homeowners often try DIY solutions for Rodent Control in Houston. But, these techniques work temporarily. For best results and total rodent control, you need to call professionals.  

What kind of damage do rodents cause?

Rodents can cause structural damage to wood, building materials, and drywalls. It chews electrical wires that can increase the chances of fire and electrocution risk.

Moreover, rodents burrow into the cushions and tear them out ruining the entire rug and upholstery. They can destroy your clothes, and books and chew off the papers too.

They indeed make annoying noise that makes it hard to sleep or relax in the house. Besides that, rodents nest in the walls and appliances and below the sink too and penetrate any holes by squeezing themselves. However, the situation becomes worst in case of masses that quickly cause irreversible damage to your house.

So, what precaution needs to be taken to limit Rodents Household Exposure? 

Rodents are destructive pests that contaminate food and destroy your furniture and property. They can chew through walls, electrical wiring, and even insulation.

So, to control rodents, you must take a threefold approach that focuses on – trapping, exclusion, and sanitization. Rodents are highly intelligent and can avoid traps easily. You must place traps in the high-traffic corners for some days or weeks to trap the rodents. Moreover, you can secure them in a tamper-proof bait station – lockable containers that let rodents come inside to eat poisoned bait. 

Rodent Control Inside the Home 

A rodent can get into your house from any entry point – bottom to top of your house. Shimmying up roofs, tapping into walls, and ripping into your favorite foods are loved by rodents. Here are a few things to consider for total rodent control -:

  • Trim tree branches or shrubs that overhang or touch buildings. Trim them away from your roofline and place deterrents in corners where the power lines are attached to your house.
  • Air-tight your tins and boxes and cover your dry and wet food items. Choose tins that are made of glass, thick plastic, or metal with a tightly fitted lid.
  • Rodents are fond of pet food. Cover your pet food in a rodent-proof container. Clean off the remaining food immediately; don’t leave excess water or pet meal in the open area overnight.
  • Dump off the garbage daily and clean your trash-keeping space regularly. If you’re storing them in your kitchen, store them in a rodent-proof air-sealed container.
  • In case, if you find rodent droppings or urine in your house, spray a disinfectant or a DIY solution of 1½ cups of household bleach mixed with 1 gallon of water. Let it soak for at most five minutes.
  • Do not vacuum the contaminated surface unless they’ve been disinfected because it can spread diseases.

Rodent Control Outside the Home

  • Don’t store woodpiles or stacks of lumber in your garage. Dispose of all debris immediately if not in use. Also, keep them at a distance of at least 12 inches above the ground so rodents can’t enter your house through this.
  • Clear off the trash, abandoned vehicles, unwanted tires, and other items that might serve as rodent nesting sites.
  • Seal off gaps and cracks around pipes, door and window frames, and other penetrative holes.
  • Wear plastic gloves while cleaning the traps, dead rodents, or rodent droppings in the backyard.

How to Rodent-Proof the Holes and Gaps?

Rodents squeeze and enter your house from any size of a quarter. Therefore apply cement or cement mortar and seal such holes completely. Moreover, you can –

  • Fuse a 19-gauge or greater metal mesh at each joint
  • Use steel wool to block the small holes that pests use to enter your home
  • Use elastomeric sealant for enhancing the waterproofing protection
  • Use expanding foam so no rodents can access your home or buildings via unsealed gaps

If you want extra protection from Rodents around your home, call Conquest Pest Control now! Our eco-conscious treatment will permanently help you get rid of the all-out rodent battlefield.

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