Cockroaches – Know Them To Conquer Them

April, 18, 2020

Cockroaches – Know Them To Conquer Them

Cockroach prefers a warm, humid, dark environment. They are usually found in tropical or other mild climates. Only a few species have become pests. Cockroaches damage more material than it consumes, and emits a disagreeable odor. Their diet includes both plant and animal products. Cockroaches eat food, paper, clothing, and books to dead insects, especially bedbugs. Texas has two pest roach species: American and German cockroach.

American Cockroach

  • A native of tropical and subtropical America
  • Length is 30 to 50 mm (up to about 2 inches) long
  • It is Reddish brown
  • Lives outdoors or in dark heated indoor areas (e.g., basements and furnace rooms).
  • Average lifespan of 1.5 years,
  • Female cockroach deposits 50 or more oothecae, each containing about 16 eggs that hatch after 45 days.
  • The American cockroach has well-developed wings. However, most species are not good flyers.




German Cockroaches

  • The German cockroach a common household pest sometimes erroneously called a waterbug
  • Light brown with two dark stripes on the prothoracic region.
  • The female produces the ootheca three days after mating
  • Three or more generations may occur yearly.
  • It is small (about 12 mm [less than 0.5 inch] long), this cockroach often is carried into homes in grocery bags and boxes.


How To Get Rid Of Roaches

  • Cleanup and sanitation practices are essential to effective cockroach control. When food or water is scarce, cockroaches must search farther each night to survive. Good sanitation puts stress on cockroach populations and increases the effectiveness of baits and other insecticides.

  • Vacuums. Vacuum cleaners can be useful in removing both cockroaches and their food sources under stoves and behind refrigerators.

  • Baits. A food mixed with an insecticide, baits are among the most effective insecticides for controlling cockroaches in homes. Cockroaches feed on the bait and return to their hiding places to die.

  • Dusts. Some insecticides are available in a dust form that can be applied into wall voids that are difficult to treat with other forms of insecticides. Dusts also can be transferred easily from one treated insect to another during contact in harborage areas

source credit: https://www.britannica.com/

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