Drain Fly Control

August, 11, 2022

Drain Fly Control

You may have noticed these tiny flying bugs around your kitchen drains or near rotting fruits. These flies are known as moth flies or drain flies. Even though they are not considered a true pest, in large numbers they do become a nuisance. In this article we will explore how to control and eliminate.

Where do they come from?

Drain flies enter home seeking moisture and food. Main source of food for adults is decaying fruits and vegetables sitting outside the fridge in the shaded areas. These adults reproduce by laying eggs inside drains where the larvae will hatch and feed on organic matter. Once this adults start laying eggs, drain fly population will multiply quickly. And since there is no need to seek food elsewhere, these drain flies will make themselves at home in your house.

How to control and eliminate?


Just like any other nuisance pest, if you prevent drain flies easy access to food and moisture, their numbers will plummet and eventually be gone. First, we go over how to control adult population.

  1. Chemical ControlFor immediate relief from flying insects, pyrethrin based aerosol is an ideal choice. Be sure to read the label first before applying this chemical. Once they come in contact with the aerosol they will get knocked down instantly.This method of control is only temporary. As more eggs hatch, adult population will grow again.
  2. Growth Control:Drain fly Larvae eat organic matter in the drains and sinks to mature into adults. Adults can survive for 4-5 days without food but they can survive for up to 3 weeks on nectar from decaying fruits.Remove organic matter inside kitchen drains by regularly cleaning them. There are several drain cleaning products available which specifically target organic matter. Once again, read the label carefully before using any chemical products.
  3. Food Control:As larvae start to die to due lack of organic food, you will notice fewer and fewer adults flying around. However, these adults can find other breeding sites quickly and problem could persist. However, if throw away any rotting fruits and keep fresh fruits covered up. These adults will also starve to death or move out of your house to find more easily accessible food source.

Remember, controlling any pest requires time and persistence. If you follow these tips regularly, you will get rid of drain flies in few days time and keep them away as well.

However, if drain fly infestation is beyond these remedies, you should consult with a professional pest control company. Conquest Pest control has highly trained technicians and can deploy various tools to bring infestation under control.

For commercial Drain fly control visit: conquestpestservices.com/commercial/

For residential Drain fly control visit: conquestpestservices.com/pestcontrol/

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